What We Do

To provide expert-quality elevator/escalator inspections and consulting services through Lift Management.

A tailored platform of Efficient Elevator and Escalator Management systems.It includes the following:

  • Analysis
  • Safety Inspections
  • Specific Elevator Evaluations
  • Specification Writing
  • Maintenance Specifications
  • Audits
  • Safety Inspections
  • For code compliance and risk management for liability

 Elevator Evaluations 

Due Diligence needed when buying, selling or evaluating costs of elevator work for modernization, repairs, or new constructions. This includes estimates of costs.

Specification Writing

BLT's Detailed Specifications are what's needed for the job, including pre-bid conferences and letting of bids. Inspection of jobs for clients in order to make sure that clients are receiving the services they are paying for. 

Maintenance Specifications

Writing of Maintenance Elevator contracts for the benefit of the client. Letting of Bids will also insure the best value for the maintenance of each elevator.

Maintenance Audits 

Checking of labor costs and inspections to make sure that the client is receiving proper services covered by the maintenance contracts.

Capital Elevator Budgets

Planning and implementing of modernization, repair and implementation of your Vertical Transportation System.

Design & Engineering 

Designing and Engineering of Elevators and Escalators for modernizations, repairs and new construction.

We are your Elevator Doctor®! We bring professional expertise that will not only prevent problems, but will monitor the contractors to make sure that you have the right people to fix the problems when and if they occur. We take the mystery out of the operations of vertical transportation.


Why Us?

In using our combined services, Bayline's objective is to save you 10% - 30%*

*after fees